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About Me

Hello & Welcome,

Thank you so much for taking the time to research & find me. We have obviously been led to find each other & I’m hoping that this will be the start of an inspiring journey for us both.

Having started my own floristry business from scratch 20 years ago, I have been both humbled and amazed by human nature throughout these years. Designing & creating beautiful floral displays for families at the happiest times of their lives & at the saddest times has been a gift which I will always treasure.   Although I have loved every second of this time, recently I have felt that I needed to give more. To be of service. So, decided to embark on this adventure and help create wonderful moments in time which hopefully will be remembered & cherished for years to come.

A chance request by a close family friend to “say a few words” for her husband’s funeral (i.e. conduct the ceremony even though they didn’t want a ceremony!) led me onto this journey of enlightenment.

I have had the most wonderful grounding & teacher in my life;  My Mum, Jill Meaton. Mum was a spiritualist minister for the SNU & I was always watching her prepare & write unique ceremonies. I listened to her as she stood and practised the ceremonies through before “doing them for real”. She took funeral & wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies, civil partnership ceremonies. Each one she put her heart & soul into & made very personal to each & every family. What better teacher could I have had? 

Even with this background, I do not consider myself to have a label. I take elements & lessons from all walks of life & consider myself to be a “spiritual “person, NOT a spiritualist or indoctrinated with any particular religion or belief.  If you require the Lord’s Prayer at your ceremony that is fine, if you require a Buddhist Reading, I have these, but equally no religious reference is also fine.  I am here to create a totally unique & bespoke ceremony that is right for you & your loved ones.

There is no right or wrong way, only what is right for you. Whether for a happy or sad occasion I will create a fitting ceremony which will inspire & have people remembering with Love for years to come. I am here to be of service to you always with Love & Sincerity

                                                                                                                      Yours truly


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Common Questions

What does a Celebrant do?

Wedding Celebrants are professionally trained & fully insured ordinary people who can conduct personal ceremonies. Although professionally trained at the moment they are not able to conduct the legal part of a wedding.  This still needs to be done with a registrar at the Register Office or at a venue that holds a wedding licence. A celebrant can conduct a ceremony anywhere! Forest, beach, even your own home or garden & writes & designs something totally unique to you. (Unlike a church or registrar led service)

Why have a Celebrant rather than a Registrar to deliver our ceremony?

A registrar, like a church will have a limited choice of what can be included in your ceremony & often with strict time constraints. A Celebrant will create a totally bespoke ceremony incorporating what YOU want! Anything can be included, certain poems or readings or even a favourite song lyric that has a special meaning for you both. There are NO restrictions, unlike a church or registrar services.

Can our ceremony have prayers & a religious element?

Of course! This is YOUR ceremony YOUR way! If you would like the Lord’s Prayer or a Buddhist reading, I have these also. We are non-denominational so can include elements from many different walks of life.

Can a celebrant do the legal stuff?

Unfortunately, NO, not at the moment. You would still need to do the legal bit at The Registry Office. (This is the most cost-effective way of doing the Legal part). This can take around 10 minutes & is a minimal cost. This part can be done in jeans & a T shirt if you wish, saving the dress & special stuff for your actual wedding ceremony with the Celebrant.

Where can we have our Wedding Ceremony?

Anywhere! Because this isn’t the legal service the venue doesn’t have to be licensed, so you can have a ceremony anywhere. Our favourites include a forest or a beach (as long as it doesn’t rain or its’s high tide! Although rain on your wedding day is supposed to bring luck). We would however suggest that you do mention to your venue that you wish to have a ceremony with them before the wedding breakfast.

Does a registrar have to be present at the wedding ceremony?

As this is NOT the legal part (you have done this already) the registrar does not have to be present.

Does the ceremony have to be a certain length?

 “We don’t want it to go on forever, but neither do we want something so quick no one remembers it!”

This is your Special day & we will create as little or as much as you would like.  There is no rush, no time limit and we will tailor make your ceremony your way.

Why have a celebrant rather than a registrar or church ceremony?

We create the ceremony for you- no ceremony is ever copied – it is totally bespoke to you. We get to know you & design the ceremony that is RIGHT for you both. Religious slant, Spiritual slant, themed or otherwise, the Church or Registrars will not accommodate your wishes quite like a Celebrant ceremony.

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