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Funeral Ceremony Pre-Planning

We plan for most things in life, naming ceremonies, coming of age parties, engagement parties, weddings. So why wouldn’t we want some say in our “final goodbye”.

Traditionally funerals are only usually planned by family & friends once someone has passed away. Unless the person has specifically stated in their Will, or discussed it previously how do we know what their wishes are?

We at Wight Celebrants firmly believe that everyone has the right to plan their own funeral ceremony, if they wish, long before it is actually needed. It just puts your mind at rest & also removes some of the stress from those that are left behind when the time comes. Not only are they having to come to terms with dealing with your loss, but if they are also having to plan & organise a funeral at this time, things may not be as you would wish them to be.

By having a clearly laid out plan this will put your mind at rest & theirs.

Having a chat over a cuppa is where we will start. We like to hear about your thoughts & how you would like your Goodbye to be. You could even write something yourself that could be read out at your ceremony.

Although our ceremonies are primarily non – denominational, we will ensure that any religious or spiritual elements are included if you wish.

No one can take away the pain of losing a loved one, but if things can be eased at this difficult time let us help by planning your ceremony together, long before it is needed

Your service Your Way


Things to consider

Burial or cremation
Entrance music
Hymns or Songs
Final Thoughts
Recessional music
Scattering of ashes
Interment of ashes
Ceremonies for scattering or interment

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Costs include consultations throughout the planning stage, writing the ceremony the way you would like it, sourcing readings & poems etc.

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