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Vow Writing

Sometimes putting your thoughts & feelings down on paper is one of the most difficult things to do.

Vows are often your most private thoughts & feelings & to express them, write them & then actually say them on your wedding day can be one of the most daunting things.

Not everyone is blessed with being able to put pen to paper let alone with such personal sentiments. So, let us help you.

This is a big moment- you are making promises to the person that you are about to share the rest of your life with. If they are from the heart, they can be anything that you wish. (Why not include something humorous such as promising to pick up your dirty clothes from the floor, or only watching soaps on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday). Anything that you know means something to your partner.

Remember Vows are about you two! This isn’t about impressing the congregation but about you telling the person that you love how you feel truthfully & promising that you will stand with them no matter what life throws at you.

Standard vows can also be used so don’t feel pressurised into writing your own.

Another option is for you to write them but ask the Celebrant to read them out if you really feel the pressure on the day & saying them in front of lots of others is too much.

Your wedding should be a happy & relaxed day that you will remember with love, fun & laughter not stress & pressure.

We are happy to work with you both or individually to create your personal words which will inspire & be remembered with love for years to come.

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Individual Vow Writing Service – £75
Couples Vow Writing Service – £135

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